Best Automatic Bilge Pumps for Boats & Yachts in 2022

Best Automatic Bilge Pumps for Boats & Yachts [2023]

If you’re looking for the best automatic bilge pump for your boat or yacht, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when making your purchase. We’ll also provide a few recommendations for the best pumps on the market right now.

Automatic bilge pumps come in a wide range of sizes and specifications, so it’s important to choose one that’s right for your boat. If you have a small vessel, you can get away with a less powerful pump. However, if you have a large boat or yacht, you’ll need a more powerful pump to keep the bilge clean.

The type of material your boat is made out of is also an important consideration. If you have a wooden boat, you’ll need a different pump than if you have a fiberglass boat. Fiberglass boats are more resistant to bilge pumps, so you can get away with a less powerful pump.

Finally, you’ll need to decide how often you plan on using the bilge pump. If you only use it occasionally, you can get away with a less powerful pump.

Best Automatic Bilge Pumps For Boats & Yachts:

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the best automatic bilge pump for your boat or yacht. That said, some pumps are better suited for certain applications than others.

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1. Attwood Sahara S500 500GPH

Attwood Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump S500 Series 12V 500 GPH
  • Power - Max Continuous (Amps): 1.5. Volts: 12V.
  • Operation: Automatic. Outlet Size: 3/4".
  • Gallons Per Hour: 500 GPH.
  • Warranty: 3 Years.

Attwood Sahara S500 500GPH pump is a great choice for boats and yachts up to 26 feet in length. This pump is made of corrosion-resistant materials and features an automatic shut-off function that prevents it from overloading.

It’s a compact little pump great for small vessels up to 20 feet in length. Made with the highest quality by a company with 100 years of expertise in the maritime sector.

Key Features

  • 3/4″ diameter hose
  • Only 1.5A current draw
  • 500GPH for vessels up to 20′
  • Rugged and compact assembly fits in tight spaces
  • Mercury-free switch for complete auto operation


AURELIO TECH 750GPH Automatic Submersible Small Boat Bilge Water Pump with Float Switch 3/4 inch (19mm) Outlet Diameter Hose
  • ⛵Voltage: 12V DC; Flow capacity: 750 Gallons per hour (2850 Liters per hour) - 47. 5 Liters per minute
  • ⛵Maximum delivery head: 3. 8 meters (height of vertical water flow up pipe); Current draw: 3 Amp
  • ⛵Hose Outlet: 19mm (3/4"); Dimensions: Length 145mm (5. 71") x Width 83mm (3. 27") x 103mm (4. 05")
  • ⛵Ignition protected; 3-wire lead, approx. 1m long; Model: SFBP1-G750-06
  • ⛵Tough plastic body automatic bilge pump with built-in float switch. (No separate float switch is...

Looking for a reliable and efficient automatic bilge pump? The Aurelio Tech 12V 750GPH is a great option, thanks to its high pumping capacity and durable construction. It’s also easy to install, making it a great choice for boats of all sizes.

The Aurelio Tech automatic pump with 750 GPH capacity is ideal for those who need a little more flow in their 18 to 25′ yacht. All components, including a stainless steel shaft, are made of corrosion-resistant materials. It also has an easy-to-clean quick-release strainer available.

Key Features

  • 3/4″ hose diameter
  • 750GPH of max flow
  • 3A current draw
  • Anti-airlock operation
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Reed sensor system for auto operation

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3. SEAFLO Automatic 750GPH

SEAFLO Submersible Automatic Bilge Pump with Float Switch (750GPH, 12V)
  • Flow Rate (GPH): 750GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.0A; Head(M): 3.0M
  • Wire Lead(M): 1m; Outlet Diameter: 19mm/ 3/4-Inch; Width: Approx. 81mm
  • Built-in float switch! (No separate float switch is needed)
  • No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch (when water level rises)
  • 4-Year Warranty!

The SEAFLO Automatic 750GPH pump is a top-of-the-line bilge pump that is perfect for boats and yachts up to 30 feet in length. This pump can handle up to 750 gallons of water per hour, making it ideal for large vessels. It’s also made out of corrosion-resistant materials, so it can withstand the elements.

Key Features

  • 3/4″ diameter hose
  • 750 GPH of max flow
  • 3A current draw
  • 4 years of warranty
  • Well-thought-out compact design

4. MAXZONE Automatic 12V 1100gph

SAILFLO Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12v 1100gph Auto with Float Switch 1 1/8 inch (29mm) outlet…
  • Low Amp--High Flow
  • All-in-one pump & switch – No float switch required - 1100 GPH Bilge pump
  • 1-1/8 Hose Outlet -Pump turns on when water level rises & shuts off when water is removed
  • Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies

If you’re looking for a high-quality automatic bilge pump, the MAXZONE Automatic 12V 1100gph is a great option. This pump is designed for boats and yachts up to 26 feet in length, and it can pump up to 1100 gallons of water per hour. It’s made from corrosion-resistant materials, and it features a built-in float switch for easy operation. The MAXZONE Automatic 12V 1100gph is a great choice for boaters who are looking for a reliable and efficient bilge pump.

Key Features

  • 1-1/8″ diameter hose
  • High 1100GPH max flow
  • 3.8A current draw
  • Easy to clean strainer
  • Watertight seals

5. Johnson Pumps 2200 Auto Pump with Ultima Switch 2060GPH

Johnson Pumps 2200 Auto Pump with Ultima Switch, 12V
  • Heavy duty submersible bilge pump with tough thermoplastic body and Ultimate switch
  • Liquid cooled 12-pole motor with double ball bearings
  • Mechanical seal on motor
  • 2060 GPH straight capacity
  • 1-1/8" and 1-1/4" connections

The Johnson Pumps 2200 Auto Pump with Ultima Switch is a great option for boats and yachts of all sizes. This pump has a max flow rate of 2060 GPH, making it perfect for smaller vessels. It’s also made from durable materials, so you can be sure it will hold up under heavy use. And, the Ultima Switch allows you to easily control the pump, even when you’re not on board.

This Johnson Pumps automatic bilge pump is built for both leisure and commercial use. Everything from the impeller to the motor to the switch is produced by a reputable maker with high standards. This 2060 GPH pump can be utilized on vessels up to 40 feet long.

Key Features

  • 1-1/8″ & 1-1/4″ diameter hose
  • Reliable Ultima switch
  • Available in 12V and 24V
  • 7.5A current draw
  • Very powerful 2060GPH max flow
  • Great for both recreational and commercial boats

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Why do I need a bilge pump?

A bilge pump is a device used to remove water from a boat’s bilge. The bilge is the lowest part of the boat, and it’s where water collects when the boat is in use. If you don’t have a bilge pump, the water can eventually cause the boat to sink. That’s why it’s important to install a bilge pump if you plan on using your boat regularly.

What are the different types of bilge pumps?

There are two main types of bilge pumps- manual and automatic. Manual bilge pumps require you to operate them manually, while automatic bilge pumps will turn on automatically when they sense water in the bilge. There are also submersible bilge pumps, which are designed to be submerged in water.

What size bilge pump do I need?

The size of the bilge pump you’ll need depends on the size of your boat. For smaller boats, a smaller bilge pump will suffice. However, if you have a larger boat or yacht, you’ll need a larger bilge pump to ensure that it can effectively remove all the water from the bilge.

What are the benefits of an automatic bilge pump?

Automatic bilge pumps have a number of advantages over manual bilge pumps. First, they’re much more convenient- you don’t have to remember to turn them on, as they’ll turn on automatically when they sense water in the bilge. Second, they’re more reliable- since they’re turned on by a float switch, they’re less likely to fail than manual bilge pumps. Finally, automatic bilge pumps are less likely to be damaged by water, as they’re designed to be submerged in water.

What are the disadvantages of an automatic bilge pump?

Automatic bilge pumps do have a few disadvantages. First, they’re more expensive than manual bilge pumps. Second, they can’t be used in all boats- some boats don’t have enough space for an automatic bilge pump to be installed. Finally, automatic bilge pumps require more maintenance than manual bilge pumps, as they need to be regularly checked to ensure that they’re working properly.

Where is a bilge pump located?

A bilge pump is located in the lowest part of a boat, typically in the bilge area. This is the section of the boat that sits below the waterline and collects any water that leaks in. The bilge pump is responsible for pumping this water out of the boat and keeping it afloat.

At the bottom portion of the boat, bilge pumps are most often found. This lets the pump remove every last drop of water.

If the first pump fails or becomes overwhelmed by too much water, a somewhat larger backup pump may be installed above it. In the event of outages on board, having a third manual bilge pump is also recommended.

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Thank you for reading our article on the best automatic bilge pumps for boats and yachts. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Keep in mind that the best pump for your boat will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your vessel, the type of material it’s made out of, and how often you plan on using the bilge pump. With that said, any of the pumps on our list would make a great addition to your boat or yacht.

Which automatic bilge pump do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy boating!

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