Hey, hope you’re doing well. We’re a team of passionate writers who contribute to various blogs and post informative content on blogs. We’ve been given this domain because we’ve done this over a lengthy duration of time. We’re in love with the domain’s name and we paid an amount of money to buy the domain.

What exactly are we?

We are an online community of writers and contributors who are passionate about writing and publishing content online. Aerica Mathew, the creator of this site. After that we received a variety of requests from writers all over the globe, and we created an entire community of writers operating at no cost.

The Motive Behind It?

We’re publishing our diverse content for free on our blog, and in return, earn money through affiliate links. If a customer purchases products via the links we provide, then we’ll be paid some commission. That means that we’re contributing money to help the poorest of the needy. Since 2015, we’ve given more than 10,000 dollars.

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